Couples Therapy

Few experiences in life are more meaningful, precious, and personal than pledging your heart to your significant other. It’s undeniable though that life has a way of presenting us with challenges that often make it difficult to maintain healthy, passionate relationships while also feeling deeply connected. 

You may be asking if your marriage or relationship is on the right track. Perhaps you are feeling stuck, frustrated, sad, hurt, tired, defensive, and/or lonely. Maybe you have lost sight and vision for your future as a couple or who you are as individuals and need assistance navigating through your fears, doubts, differences, and questions.

Keeping passion and connection alive in relationships while also thriving as individuals is a goal many of us have. Balancing these various aspects of life can be challenging, especially when external/internal stressors, mental health struggles, or trauma present themselves. 

Maybe you have reached the place where you recognize changes need to be made and are looking for someone to come alongside you on this journey of change. Here at Tenfold Counseling we desire to help you build satisfying relationships that last and are worth wanting to grow in. We have trained couples’ therapists that specialize in assisting individuals and couples gain confidence, skills, and clarity about their lives and relationships, and we’d love to hear from you.

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