5 Ways to Cope With Your Election Anxiety

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People’s minds are spinning. Social media is exploding. The stock market is crashing. My office phone is ringing. It is a true and very real thing that fear-based anxiety has just risen astronomically for a lot of people in our country. So I just wanted to briefly touch base with all of you today and give you 5 practical ideas on how to bring a bit of calm to your own storm.

Limit Screen Time
If you are feeling extremely heavy and distracted from the news of today, be sure to limit the amount of time that you engage in the discussions on the news and even on social media. You don’t have to completely disengage but monitor the amount of time you spend listening because it is most likely fueling your fear and uneasiness, which isn’t helpful to you or to anyone else around you.

Read an Inspirational Book
I would encourage you to pick up a book that was written by someone who has a gigantic heart and leads their life with an incredible amount of courage and integrity. Being reminded that there are also really great people on this planet will increase your hope-a-meter.

Increase Your Intentionality
What I mean by that is become even more intentional about what you want for your life and the people and energy you want around you. Invest even deeper in the relationships that matter to you and don’t allow division to creep its way in.

Engage in Mindfulness Behaviors
It is essential that you replace negative thoughts with your positive truths and affirmations. Don’t allow the fear and the ‘what if’ statements to take root in your mind. Tune in to your gratitude and identify what you are grateful for every single day. Pay attention to your body responses and take deep breaths to slow your heart rate and allow your cognitive mind to catch up with your emotional mind.

Be An Advocate
If you identify as a minority, advocate for yourself and let your voice be heard. If you are not a minority, stand beside your friends and family who are and amplify their voices with yours. Whatever cause or social injustices we stand for, let us stand strong and stand together.

Here is to hoping that you can engage in these important self-care activities today. I know that I am…

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